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Fauxionable Outfit – Check It!

It’s been a while since I last posted an outfit, so here’s one! I first saw these check pants on Tuula and I love them. (Then again, I’m almost always drawn to all things monochrome. Heh.) Fact that it was on sale within my price range? SOLD! It reminded me of the Tibi check pants except the colors were inverted, white on black and with a budget-friendly price. Since I wasn’t sure on the sizes, I ordered two pairs, a size 2 and a size 4 and the smaller size was a much better fit. I find the fit to be much better than my Banana Repubiic Hampton Cropped Pants in size 0 as seen here.

green with monochrome check windowpane pants ASOS Marc Jacobs Little Stam Sam Edelman Trina Adia Kibur stone bib necklace

I’m linking this post with Mix & Match’s Summer Style Linkup. Happy pre-Friday! 🙂

Fauxionable Outfit – Teal with Yellow

Now that it’s slightly warmer, it’s time to bust out my dresses again. I wore my teal maxi dress (worn here) for casual Friday and also to a housewarming party this past weekend albeit slight tweaks on each day. Paired the outfit with my Keds for Kate Spade on Friday and didn’t wear a belt to the housewarming party since I knew I’d be binging and stuffing myself silly. 😉

By far, I tend to pair teal either in the same color palette with greens or in this outfit teal with yellow. Does anyone have any suggestion on any other color combination? I tried pairing it with my navy blazer but it didn’t look any good, just dreary hence the gray blazer. I’d love to try some other color combo in the near future aside from neutrals and would appreciate any suggestions. 🙂

Fauxionable Outfit - Maxi Dress Take Two

Fauxionable Outfit - Maxi Dress Take Two Adia Kibur stone bib statement necklace, Marc Jacobs Little Stam, Hermes Kelly Double Tour, teal, yellow, ivory, cream

  • Dress: Nasty Gal (similar)
  • Blazer: ZARA (similar)
  • Belt: H&M
  • Shoes: Tangs Studio from Singapore
  • Bag: Marc Jacobs Little Stam in Milk Resort Collection 2007 (similar)
  • Necklace: Adia Kibur (c/o of Adia Kibur PR)
  • Bracelet: Hermes Kelly Double Tour
  • Rings: Cartier Trinity Ring and family heirloom
  • Watch: Swatch circa 2000

Have a great week ahead! 🙂

Spring Weekends

Here are snippets of some pics from how I’ve been spending some of my Spring weekends. There are many more that went undocumented though, like today where I enjoyed a decent bowl of pho at Sprig and Sprout followed by some chocolate and mango gelato from Dolcezza that was just lip-smacking delicious!

Desserts at Serendipity 3 with a friend. I have heard so much about this popular restaurant to visit in New York that I finally went to visit and check out the food since they’ve been in Georgetown for a while now. Their signature drink is the frozen hot chocolate and it is HUGE! It tastes decent, reminiscent of chocolate malt drinks but it can be better. Perhaps a little less ice to maintain the rich chocolate would’ve been good. Yes, I love my chocolate rich and not too sweet.

Serendipity 3 Menu

Serendipity 3 MenuThe giant menu

Frozen Hot Chocolate Serendipity 3Frozen Hot Chocolate $10 (I wasn’t kidding about the size!)

Strawberry Fields Sundae Serendipity 3Strawberry Fields Sundae $13

I can’t tell you how the strawberry fields sundae taste since I didn’t have any of that. I couldn’t even finish my frozen hot chocolate! I have since learnt that one should go to Serendipity 3 for desserts after a light meal not a heavy one for you’d have no room to finish their desserts!

Rosa Loves Madewell event that was held at the end of March. Rosa is one of the few DC bloggers that I follow on Twitter and since we’ve tweeted each other a few times, I thought it would be nice to finally meet her in person. (I’m working on my networking skills as a blogger, since as an introvert I often feel cozy in my own company!) Rosa made pretty cards of Lola her dog and decorated the drinks and the store with it! It was also my first visit to Madewell on Wisconsin Avenue even though I frequently pass by. Thank you Rosa for giving me an excuse to check out the store! 😉

Rosa Loves Madewell The pretty cards that Rosa made of Lola affixed to the drinks

Rosa Loves Madewell eventThe delicious macarons at the event (which, I had one too many!)

Madewell ChambrayMadewell Chambray

ZARA Prada dress black turtleneckWhat I wore to the event (black turtleneck over ZARA dress paired with Adia Kibur sample necklace)

I have to confess that something utterly embarrassing happened while at the event. For whatever reason, I happened to have butter fingers and I dropped the can of soda that I was sipping on and made quite the scene. Thankfully I didn’t spill any on myself or the clothes in the store but I still made a mess and Carmen was super nice to help me. Thank you!

And last but not least, here are some pretty blooming cherry blossoms and tulips!

Cherry BlossomCherry blossom


How have you been spending your Spring weekends? I hope they’ve been great to refresh and made you ready to start the week! 🙂

Currently Coveting… Jewelry!

I am working on paring down garments in my wardrobe and have put myself on a self-imposed ban. (Although, I did recently add a sweater to my wardrobe but I was replacing another sweater that is worn out.) As such, I have been shopping for jewelry to add to my collection instead. I have since added two bracelets, two rings, and a necklace to my collection!

In my opinion, jewelry is a great way to accessorize and complete an outfit. It is also a great way to add color or a delicate/edgy piece to reflect one’s style. As a person who considers herself to be fairly conservative style-wise, I find jewelry to be a great way to add some sparkle that isn’t screaming for attention. Here are some that I am currently coveting…

  1. Adia Kibur Multi-Stone Necklace $78
  2. Anthropologie Vespero Necklace $58
  3. Ann Taylor Pearlized & Jet Bead Statement Necklace $78 (use code THANKS for 40% off till Nov 26)
  4. Anthropologie Heirloom Cluster Posts $28
  5. Anthropologie Enamel Petal Posts $28
  6. Anthropologie Crystal Collision Posts $48

On a side note, I am selling the YSL ring I have here. I will also have more items up in the coming days as I purge my wardrobe. Do check it out! 🙂

Fauxionable Outfit – What to Wear Where: Thanksgiving

Resuming from a short break, this week’s rendition of What to Wear Where is the Thanksgiving outfit. If you can’t already tell, I quite enjoy this series of W2WW link ups. I was almost a little sad when there was no schedule or announcement of the next link up and tweeted Melissa of I Pick Pretty about it! To my relief, it was going on a short hiatus and not gone forever. Phew. 😛

Enough rambling and here’s an outfit that I would wear for Thanksgiving… (and for more outfits, head to Amy of Forever29‘s blog)

Fauxionable Outfit - What to Wear Where: Thanksgiving

Fauxionable Outfit - What to Wear Where: Thanksgiving Accessories

In the recent years, I have been wearing sweater dresses to Thanksgiving dinner when invited but I think I will switch things up a little this year and wear something brighter i.e. the jacquard H&M dress that is worn as a skirt. The colors also match beautifully with the Adia Kibur sample stone bib necklace courtesy of their PR team.

What will you be wearing for Thanksgiving this year? Do share!