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Fauxionable Outfit – Grays & Green

Here’s another outfit wearing the ZARA Wool Dress (first worn here) that you lovely readers chimed in on here. I’m definitely loving this dress and am glad to have kept it! Looking forward to wearing it many more Fall and Winters to come. I’m pairing the dress with some green in hopes of Spring coming soon.

Fauxionable Outfit - Grays & Green

Fauxionable Outfit - Grays and Green

Chanel Reissue 2.55 Wallet on Chain WOC, Kate Spade Goreski Glasses, Kate Spade Skinny Mini Bow Ring, Michael Kors Mini Runway MK5384

Fauxionable Outfit – Giraffe

When I first spotted this giraffe striped sweater last Fall, I quickly went to assess the fabric and quality of the sweater. While it was slightly thinner than I did like, I couldn’t help but add it to my wishlist as it had both things that I like – giraffe AND stripes! (I previously shared why I love giraffes here.) Having shopped in Banana Republic for a while, I knew they had 40% off regular items on every Wednesday, so I patiently awaited for their next promotion/sale to purchase the sweater. I didn’t have to wait too long for the sweater was marked down in the span of two weeks! (Fast fashion, anyone?) Ah, patience almost always pays when it comes to shopping for me. 😉

Fauxionable Outfit - Giraffe

Miss Marc by Marc by Marc Jacobs Packable Shopper Printed Pants Navy Burgundy

Fauxionable Outfit - Giraffe, Printed Pants, striped top, navy, burgundy

Kate Spade Goreski Glasses Bangle Bracelet, H&M gold rings, printed pants, striped top

Fauxionable Outfit – London Winter Rain

I have previously posted a Winter rain outfit, but here’s my London version as the trench coat is more waterproof than a wool coat. Since it’s still rather chilly, I layered a leather jacket underneath the trench coat for added warmth. I may have less layers on my lower half but rest assured, I have warm long socks underneath those rain boots!

Fauxionable Outfit - London Winter Rain

Fauxionable Outfit - London Winter Rain

Fauxionable Outfit - London Winter Rain

ZARA Biker Leather Jacket Cable Knit Sweater

Chanel Reissue 2.55 Wallet on Chain WOC Hermes Micro Rivale Kate Spade Skinny Mini Bow Ring

Burberry Rain Boots

Fauxionable Outfit – Red, My Accent Color

Thank you to all of you who chimed in on the previous post! While I was previously leaning towards keeping the skirt and returning the dress, I think you’ve all convinced me otherwise.

Since moving to London, I’ve been living in my jeans. I also find myself constantly reaching for the same few sweaters or shirts. To remedy that, I decided to wear a skirt instead when G and I went to check out the Picture This exhibit at the British Library. However, some old habits are hard to change. Case in point: my monochrome outfit paired with red accent. (It’s one of my tried & true formula – e.g. see here, here, here, and here.) While blue was my favorite color growing up, red has taken over these days. I find red to be the perfect pop of color against my neutrals, not to mention it’s a festive color for most holidays. (Xmas, New Year’s, Chinese New Year, Valentine’s Day… you get the drift.) Over the years I’ve amassed quite a number of red accessories to accent my outfits – the perfect red bag, earrings, shoes, and the latest being my wallet. Needless to say, red is my favorite accent color. What is yours?

Fauxionable Outfit - Red, My Accent Color Red Coat, Black and White skirt, White Turtleneck Ann Taylor boots

Miss Marc Packables Shopping Tote Marc by Marc Jacobs

  • Coat: Banana Republic F/W 2008
  • Top: ZARA (similar)
  • Skirt: H&M 2011
  • Shoes: Ann Taylor Betty Riding Boots F/W 2011
  • Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs Miss Marc S/S 2012
  • Watch: Michael Kors Mini Runway MK5384

Fauxionable Outfit – Summer Dress for Work

I wore this outfit a while ago but am only getting around to posting it now. I bought this summer dress last year (worn here) and decided I’d get more wear out of it by pairing it with a jacket to make it work appropriate.

Kindly excuse the lack of detail for outfit pictures as I’m still trying to figure out the best way to take selfies with my new camera. The auto-focus on my micro 4/3rds camera doesn’t work like my previous point and shoot!

Fauxionable Outfit - Summer Dress for Work

  • Dress: Old Navy 2012
  • Jacket: H&M 2010
  • Shoes: Banana Republic 2006
  • Ring: Cartier Trinity Ring
  • Bracelets: H&M and from Uganda
  • Watch: Swatch circa 2000

I’m linking up with Mix & Match’s Summer Style for this post.