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Kate Spade Goreski Glasses Bangle

Kate Spade Goreski Glasses BangleKate Spade Goreski Glasses Bangle

While my style tends to veer towards the simplistic classic lines, accessories are way for me to inject some fun and whimsy to my outfits. I spotted this Kate Spade Goreski Glasses Bangle under its new arrival items and patiently awaited for a sale or coupon to purchase it. At 25% off with a coupon, the price was still a little higher than what I wanted to pay but I eventually justified the purchase with the novelty of the item. I was right, for people have also taken note of it whenever I’ve worn the bangle and I’ve received compliments or had others asking me where I bought it.

Price aside, I bought the bangle because the reviews on the site said it runs small. As I have tiny wrists, it’s difficult to find bangles that won’t slip right off my wrist! The Goreski Glasses Bangle has a diameter of 2.25″ which is considered small as most bangles have a diameter of 2.5″. With wrists with approximate diameter of 1.75″, the bangle doesn’t exactly fit snugly but it also doesn’t rotate too much when worn (partially due to the design). The magnetic hinge and a metal clasp help to keep the bangle fastened securely.

Metal clasp Kate Spade Goreski BangleMetal Clasp on the Underside

Kate Spade Goreski Glasses Bangle Worn ModelThe Bangle Worn on my Tiny Wrist

While the retail price of $78 is a bit too high for my beer budget, a coupon or sale makes the price much more palatable. I’ve had this bangle since November and it has held up pretty well by far. Granted, I’m not wearing it on a daily basis, but I do wear it quite frequently. If you, like me, have tiny wrists, you would definitely want to consider adding this bangle to your collection. Bangles that fit tiny wrists are few and far between (This is the only bangle I own!) Besides, the only bracelets that I’ve found to fit snugly are the Hermes leather bracelets in XS and those are occasional champagnes to be had. (FYI, the fit of this bangle is similar to my Hermes Kelly Double Tour in S although that rotates far more than this due to the design and the material.)

Wishing Wednesday… McQ Alexander Queen Razor Blade Snake-Effect Bracelet

McQ Alexander McQueen Razor Blade Snake-effect leather wrap braceletMcQ Alexander Mcqueen Razor Blade Snake-effect Wrap Bracelet

I have an affinity for exotic skins, be it faux or real, so when I came across this bracelet recently, I fell for it. I love not only the faux exotic leather but also the simplicity of wearing a razor, which is edgy to me (although I’m pretty sure TSA would have a field day with that should anyone be wearing that on their arm to board a plane!). Sadly, I’m always late to the game, as with almost all things fashion, so this is no longer available.

Net-a-porter McQ Alexander McQueen Razor Blade Snake-effect leather wrap bracelet

As always, I would turn to eBay when an item is no longer available and lo and behold, I found one! At that time, bidding was going for $50 (item is in Australia, so it was a bit less in their currency) and I put it on my watch list. I had planned on bidding on it but as luck would have it, I forgot since I fell asleep with my laptop still turned on. I frantically checked the auction page when I woke up, but nope, bidding had ended. I consoled myself that I wouldn’t have won anyway since the bid ended up being more than retail price. (I try to stick to my philosophy of not paying retail for my items whenever possible.) So here’s a post of me wishing that I’d be able to find this McQ Alexander McQueen Razor Blade snake-effect wrap bracelet (what a mouthful!) somehow, somewhere for less than retail! I think it’d go great with my Valentino Noir Rockstud flats. 😉

Should you be interested, the regular leather versions are available here (the lowest price I was able to find) and here for a little more but more colors.

Hermes Bracelets in Leather

Well, thanks to my sis’ prodding yesterday, I went to Hermes to check out their bracelets. Today I had fun play pretend as a snob who can afford luxury goods at retail prices. My first stop was at Cartier to try the Trinity ring for my size followed by Chanel in Neiman Marcus. As I predicted, nothing called to me in Chanel. It was dismal and off I went to Hermes under the same roof.

I had the sales associate who was super patient bring out 3 leather bracelets for me to try. She was on the phone and the only sales associate in the store and there was a mad crowd in the store! She was fantastic and if I could afford luxury goods at retail prices from Hermes, I would totally purchase from her. Two thumbs up for her customer service!

The leather bracelets I tried on are as follows:

Rush bracelet

Rivale bracelet

I actually also tried on the Kelly Dog bracelet which fit perfectly on my tiny wrist but I can’t find proper stock pictures of it like the other two above. Utilize the power of Google if you are curious! Heh.

Of the three that I tried on, I like the Rush and Rivale bracelets. Upon returning home from my adventure, I tried to find other Hermes bracelets and I think I really like the Kelly Double Tour.

Kelly Double Tour bracelet

I think I just found another item to add to my list of classics. What, you ask? Well, none other than the Hermes Kelly Double tour bracelet, of course. *wink* It will be in orange or oak brown (as pictured in the Rush above) with palladium/silver hardware. Heh.

p/s: I have yet to hear back from my bro (I emailed him pics of the Longines watch and Cartier ring) if the items I picked is breaking his bank. If they are, an Hermes bracelet it is!