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Wishing Wednesday… Something Blue!

Dean Harris Lapis Lentil EarringsDean Harris Lapis Lentil Earrings $950

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue! Yes, I’m still in wedding planning mode and although I already have my ‘something blue,’ these Dean Harris earrings would be fabulous to add to my outfit for my wedding attire! Now, who would like to buy these and be so kind to lend them to me as my ‘something borrowed’? 😀 Anyone..?

I will say that I did try looking for blue earrings and nothing within the price range I’m wiling to pay for (not more than $50) were remotely enticing or what I am looking for. I somehow stumbled across these and of course, it totally lives up to my champagne taste on a beer budget tagline! 😉

Organizing Jewelry

I have acquired quite a few jewelry pieces in the last few years and my current organization no longer works. I was therefore looking for a new system to organize my jewelry. While suggestions abound on the interwebs, I am somewhat fussy and OCD in that I do not want it to be displayed openly whereby it would collect dust. Ideally, this armoir would be the perfect solution but as I anticipate a move in the coming year, I decided against it.

My temporary/gap solution came in the form of a stackable jewelry box while perusing the sale section of Nordies. With the balance on the gift card that I won, I only paid a little over $14 for it. I would have loved to purchased it in black instead but my pondering over the purchase got in the way! (what’s new?)

My out-of-hand jewelry drawer…

Organizing jewelry

Organizing jewelry

Organizing jewelry

Organizing jewelryYes, I like to keep my jewelry separated in different plastic bags. (Ghetto, I know but it helps to prevent metals rubbing against each other and tarnishing, I think.)

The solution…

Nordstroms Stackable Jewelry Box

Nordstrom Stackable Jewelry Box

Nordstrom Stackable Jewelry BoxNordstrom’s Stackable Jewelry Box in Gray $48.90 (50% off)

As the box was a little higher than the height of my drawer, I couldn’t store it in my drawer and lined my drawers with the trays instead. On the plus side, I get to store my bigger items in the box, e.g., statement necklaces and sunglasses. Here’s how my jewelry drawer looks now..

Organizing jewelry

Organizing jewelry

I am mighty pleased with how my jewelry is organized now as I get to see everything that I have. It makes it easier to pair my jewelry with my outfits before I head to work. No more having to hunt for X item that I-want-to-wear-but-can’t-find! 😉

How do you organize your jewelry or accessories?

J Crew Giraffe Charm Necklace

While I’m on a self-imposed clothing ban, I have been shopping for accessories instead and I bought the J Crew Giraffe charm necklace during the Columbus Day sale at Leesburg Corner Premium Outlets while my family was here visiting. I had previously spotted the necklace when I was there with a friend back in June as I helped her shop for work outfits. I didn’t buy it then as I didn’t think it was worth shelling more than $20 for the necklace (retail price $24.50). My friend however bought the Elephant charm necklace!

Fast forward to Columbus Day weekend, all the stores were having sale and it was 25% off all jewelry at the store. That meant it was less than $20 and I gladly bought the necklace! (Yes, I’m a little weird as I set caps on categories of items and for the most part refuse to pay more than my cap budget.)

Without further ado, here’s the adorable giraffe…

J Crew Factory Enamel Giraffe Charm Necklace

Close-up details of the J Crew Factory Giraffe Charm Necklace

J Crew Factory Giraffe Charm Necklace

J Crew Factory Giraffe Charm Necklace $14.50

The adorable necklace comes with a small dust bag. Although the necklace is cheaper online, there is a shipping charge of $4.95. However if you don’t have a factory outlet near you, your best bet would be to order online unless you reside outside of North America whereby eBay would be your best bet instead.

I have worn this necklace numerous times and have received many compliments on it. By far the necklace looks brand new and I guess time will tell if  the gold plating will tarnish or fade. For now, I’m happy with my purchase!

Also, to give a back story as to why I adore this necklace (or more accurately why I adore giraffes), I was nicknamed as one since primary school (elementary school). I was always one of the tallest in class, if not the tallest, thus my friends promptly nicknamed me giraffe. I’ve since have an affinity for it! Heh.

Do you have a particular animal/creature that you have an affinity for? Kindly share!

Kate Spade Bow Rings

As mentioned in my previous post, I may or may not have bought one or more of the accessories that I posted about!

Well, I purchased both the Kate Spade bow rings, the Love Notes and the Skinny Mini during their recent Friends & Family sale for 30% off retail. (I didn’t get a chance to post about it sooner.) I had been eyeing the Love Notes Bow Ring for a while but couldn’t quite justify the retail price, thus I was pleased to received an email from Kate Spade notifying me of their F&F sale! I promptly added the item to my cart and decided to add the Skinny Mini Bow Ring as well for comparison and here’s how nicely it was packaged when it arrived.

Kate Spade packaging

Colorful packaging accompanied by a card

Thank You card from the President & CEO of Kate Spade, Deborah Llyod

Kate Spade boxes

Kate Spade boxes

The pretty boxes for the rings

Here are the rings worn…

Kate Spade Love Notes Bow Ring

Kate Spade Love Notes Bow Ring $48

Kate Spade Skinny Mini Bow Ring

Kate Spade Skinny Mini Bow Ring $48

So, which did I end up with? Although I was leaning towards the Love Notes Bow Ring, I ended up keeping the Skinny Mini Bow Ring instead. It was a difficult decision for me on which to keep as both were pretty in their own right but in the end, the Skinny Mini won! While the the Love Notes Bow Ring was matchy-matchy with my gold bow earrings, G pointed out that it would more likely get caught in things as it had a higher setting than the Skinny Mini Bow Ring. Also the few people that I asked pointed out that they like the Skinny Mini Bow Ring better as the bow was more pronounced; all of which were good points that I ended up keeping the Skinny Mini Bow Ring!

I have to add that returning the Love Notes Bow Ring in the store was a breeze. The sales associate gave me a strip of receipt from the online order receipt and attached a slip that stated the item was received in the store. Apparently they ship orders back to the online warehouse (wherever that is) and returns are processed through them. I was told that it would take 3 to 5 days for the return to be processed. It’s the fifth day today but I have yet to see a credit on my statement but I’ll give it a week since Frackenstorm Sandy created delays in shipping.

In short, I’m pleased with my online purchase from Kate Spade and wouldn’t hesitate to purchase from them again!

**Update: I received a credit back for the ring on my credit card statement today. So, just an extra day**

Graduation gift

I graduate today but am skipping my convocation. After slugging through two years of graduate school, I decided that it was time to pamper myself with a little something from my favorite luxury brand. It’s not my first item from them but it’s the first in the jewelry department that’s for sure (I own a pair of shades from them). I picked it up during my short visit in London as the GBP is still rather weak so it worked out nicely. I absolutely love this little darling as its so classic and oh-so-me!

And here’s the reveal…

All packed in the little black bag
The little black box with white ribbons
Undoing the ribbons… (tee hee)
Oh, its still hidden!
Finally! TA DA!
Chanel logo pin/brooch in silver tone with pearls
I reckon this would be a great piece to add to my collection of accessories as it is versatile and its just a classic. Dress up an outfit, deck a scarf or hat and perhaps even a fabric bag! *hearts*