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Travel Nostalgia – Oslo Part II

On the second day in Oslo, I took the bus to visit a few museums. Here’s a scenic snowy view from my walk to the bus stop…

Snowy scenic view Oslo

Snowy scenic view

The first stop was the Vikingskiphuset, the Viking Ship Museum.

Oslo Viking Ship Museum Vikingskipshuset

Entrance to the Vikingskipshuset, Viking Ship Museum

Osebergship Vikingskipshuset Viking Ship Museum Oslo

The Osebergship in all its glory

Next stop was the Kon-Tiki Museum.

Kon-Tiki Museum Oslo

Kon-Tiki Museum

Kon-Tiki Museum Oslo

Notice board by the entrance

Life-size RA II Kon-Tiki Museum

Life-size version of the RA II

Next, I headed back into the city center of Oslo after and went to the Nobel Peace Center.

Nobel Peace Center Oslo

Nobel Peace Center

Sheroes Nobel Peace Center Oslo Main Exhibit

Sheroes, the main exhibit at the Nobel Peace Center back in March

After G got off work/training that day, we went for a walking tour. Our departing point was at the City Hall, which was merely a stone’s throw from the hotel we were staying in.

Oslo City Hall

Oslo City Hall

Oslo City Hall Clock

Close-up of the clock on the City Hall building

Inside Oslo City Hall Colorful Murals

Inside the City Hall where the murals depict Norwegian history & mythology

Next stop was the Konserthus. (I didn’t take a picture of the entrance!)

Oslo Konserthus Concert House coat area

Area for concert-goers to hang their coats; the gates will be locked during the show.

Oslo Konserthus Concert House Backstage

Backstage of one of the concert halls

Dinner was next, as I was starving at that point, so we decided to go get some pizza. Yes, pizza. G loves pizza and it is a tradition of his to try pizzas in every country that he visits. So, off to Peppe Pizza we went.

Salmon Pizza at Peppe's Pizza Oslo

Salmon pizza

For desserts, we went to Theatercafeen.

Theatercafeen Oslo Theatre Cafe

Theatercafeen, Theater Cafe

And that’s day two in Oslo! The last day will be in another post, so stay tuned!

Travel Nostalgia – Oslo Part I

Six months ago, I tagged along on G’s biz trip to Oslo, Norway. He was sent to Oslo for orientation/training as a new employee and I decided to play tag along. Well, I thought to myself, I’ve a passport, some time off and the cash for the air ticket (after pricing tickets on Orbitz), so why not?

I spent 3 days in Oslo before departing to Stockholm for the weekend, and here’s some pictures I’d like to share. (WARNING: Picture heavy post!)

Oslo Gardermoen Airport

Oslo Gardermoen Airport

I took a tour of the Oslo Opera House shortly upon arrival (not without a nap first!) and returned the next evening with G to snap more pictures and to go up to the rooftop. Besides, it was snowing the day I arrived and I wasn’t quite willing to endure the cold to take pictures of the exterior!

Oslo Operahuset Opera House at night

Oslo Operahuset that’s supposed to resemble a giant iceberg

Oslo Operahuset Opera House Box Office

The Box Office area

Oslo Operahuset Opera House

Stairs to the foyer & bar area upstairs

Oslo Operahuset Opera House restaurantThe restaurant in the Operahuset

Oslo Operahuset Opera House Stalagtite Stalagmite Wall

The wall that is representative of stalactites & stalagmites

Oslo Operahuset Opera House Window Panel

The window panels & interior beams

Oslo Operahuset Opera House at the rooftop roof level

View of the Operahuset on the rooftop

View from rooftop of Oslo Operahuset Opera House

One of the views of Oslo from the rooftop of the Operahuset

For our first dinner, we went to Albertine Cafe & Bar and had beef stew and whale steak. The whale steak was interesting as it had a tangy kick to it!

Beef stew at Albertine Cafe & Bar Oslo

Beef stew

Whale Steak at Albertine Cafe & Bar Oslo

Whale steak

Whale Steak at Albertine Cafe & Bar Oslo
The whale steak was wrapped in bacon!

And that concludes my first day in Oslo.. More to come in the next post tomorrow!