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Fauxionable Outfit – Peter Pilotto for Target

I finally received my Peter Pilotto for Target wrap skirt when G picked it up from his cousin on his recent business trip to the US. I couldn’t wait to wear it and paired it with tights this past weekend. As I couldn’t try the item since it was sold out on Net-a-Porter, I was worried about poor quality and fit. (Read my review here.) Neither were of concern once I held the item in my hand, as the skirt is fairly well-made and lined. It also fit me well and the length was just nice. (Length is one of my main concern aside from quality!) I look forward to wearing it with many more outfits to come! 🙂

Peter Pilotto for Target Asymmetric Wrap Skirt, ZARA biker leather jacket, Ecco Saunter GTX bootsPeter Pilotto for Target Asymmetric Wrap Skirt, ZARA biker leather jacket, Joe Fresh silk shirtCeline Blade in Python, Michael Kors MK5384, Peter Pilotto for Target Asymmetric Wrap SkirtCeline Blade in Python, ZARA biker leather jacket, Peter Pilotto for Target Asymmetric Wrap SkirtZARA Biker Leather Jacket with Padded Shoulders, Peter Pilotto for Target Wrap Skirt, Hermes Micro Rivale, Michael Kors, MK5384, Cartier Trinity Ring, Chaumet Bee My Love rose gold bandEcco Saunter GTX Goretex Ankle Boots


Review: Peter Pilotto for Target

While I found most of the prints for the Peter Pilotto for Target collaboration a little dizzy, there were a select few pieces that caught my attention. Of the 60 odd items, the 3 pieces in the monochrome were the most interesting to me. (What a surprise, right? 😉 )

Peter Pilotto for Target black white green netting printMy Peter Pilotto for Target picks – Black/White Rash Guard, Black/White Skirt, and Beach Towel

I was quite taken aback with the one-to-one dollar to pound conversion for prices of the items on Net-a-Porter (NAP) for those outside of the US. They also didn’t carry the full collection like Target and likely stocked less pieces too. I ended up ordering from both, Target and NAP in order to obtain the 3 items that I wanted. I would’ve preferred to be able to order from Target for the price difference but sadly the beach towel was already sold out. While I was able to order the rash guard and beach towel from NAP, the wrap skirt was sold out, so this review is for the beach towel and the rash guard. (I won’t receive the skirt till next month as it’s in the US.)

As G and I will be going on an island vacation in May, I wanted a better beach towel than the current ones we have. The beach towel came nicely packaged in NAP‘s dust bag. While the print is nicer than our current beach towel, the quality was the same, which was disappointing. (I was hoping for a thicker material!) For $25, I was expecting the quality to be a little better but alas, I guess one is merely paying for the print of the towel in this collaboration. For reference, the towel is made from 100% cotton and measures 62″ (158cm) by 35″ (89cm). (It’s currently sold out on both sites but if you add it to your Wish List on NAP, they’ll send you an email when they receive a return)

Net-a-Porter dust bag for the Peter Pilotto for Target beach towel

Peter Pilotto for Target Printed Cotton Terry Beach Towel

Peter Pilotto for Target Printed Cotton Terry Beach TowelPrinted Cotton-Terry Beach Towel $25/£25

I had high hopes for the rash guard as I love the mix of print which was less busy than the other items and it was a unique item (Peter Pilotto doesn’t carry swimwear in their main line). I’m also a sucker for open back tops, so I had to buy it! I ordered both the XS and S to try and the sizing fell short of my expectations. The XS was too short on me while the S was too loose on me. Sigh. 🙁 For reference the XS measures 20″ in length, 14.5″ from underarm side to side, and 25″ for its sleeves. The S in contrast measures 21.5″ in length, 15.5″ from underarm side to side, and 26″ for its sleeves. Kindly note the extra inch of fabric on the S as compared to the XS in terms of fit resulting in a gaping open back! (I’m pinching the extra fabric in the modeling pic below.)

Peter Pilotto for Target rash guardBlack/White Print Rash Guard $30/£30 in Extra Small

Peter Pilotto for Target Rash Guard SmallBlack/White Print Rash Guard $30/£30 in Small

Close up detail of rash guard and beach towel

Close Up Detail back of the Peter Pilotto for Target rash guardClose up detail shots of the rash guard front and back

As much as I love the rash guard, it looks like I’ll have to return them with a heavy heart. While I would like to think that the S can be altered to fit, I’m not sure if it’s worth the cost and if it’s even possible due to the design, i.e. open back. Suffice to say, my package will be returned to NAP just as I received it. Boo! Did you buy anything from this collaboration? What are your thoughts?