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BookBook Laptop Sleeve

I have previously wrote about getting a Marc by Marc Jacobs laptop sleeve here but as soon as I saw the BookBook laptop sleeve, I knew I had to have it! The BookBook laptop sleeve is actually made to fit Apple Macbooks but I am NOT a fan of anything Apple and do not own any of their products. Perhaps hard to believe in this day and age, but I am very much Apple resistant! I digress from the topic but the BookBook laptop sleeve actually fits my Lenovo X300 quite snugly.

BookBook Laptop Sleeve $79.90


Side view

Zipper detail

The BookBook laptop sleeve is an ingenius way to disguise a laptop in a book case and I absolutely love it for that! It comes in red and black and I purchased the red (obviously!). It is sturdy and it has been holding up pretty well. You can purchase one here. Prices vary depending on the size of the sleeve: $79.90 for 13″ and $99.90 for 15″.

*I am not in any way affiliated with Twelve South the manufacturer of BookBook.*

Lemming for …

I have been really good on my self-imposed shopping ban. I have not bought a single fashion item since March 20 (I just checked my credit card statements)! I have been spending on birthdays for my friends as I do not celebrate Xmas and am thus more generous with birthdays.

Granted, I did splurged and bought a brand a spankin’ brand new phone the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10, an upgrade in mid-April.

pics taken from here

I had previously been using my regular candy bar Sony Ericsson since August 2007. The phone still works just fine but I just wanted a new phone. The inner geek in me just had to have it! Heh.

Temptations continue to abound and here is one, the Marc by Marc Jacobs Flash Kelsey bag in black

pic taken from here

My current messenger/sling bag isn’t in such a good shape thanks to color transfer from my jeans. It was an 2005 Xmas gift from my beloved twin cousin and I am thinking an upgrade is in order? From fabric to leather and of course from Esprit to Marc by Marc! Hee.

I definitely like the Flash Kelsey for the dual function of being a cross-body bag and a hobo just by adjusting or rather looping up the strap. The zippers also give an edgy vibe to this casual bag which I absolutely adore. The retail price of $358 however leaves me dreaming for one as the scrooge in me just will not allow me to purchase this bag full price. Maybe a 25% discount or more will have me pulling the trigger on this baby. Until then, it shall remain as a lemming.

Laptop sleeve in Red or Blue?

I have been looking for a laptop sleeve for my little Black Book (13″ Lenovo X300 laptop) for a while now but I haven’t really found anything that I particularly like. However, Marc Jacobs almost never fails to save the day!

For the Resort collection, Marc by Marc Jacobs has these two bright fancy laptop sleeves available at Shopbop for $68 each.

So which do I choose? I am naturally a sucker for red but I saw the blue-violet in person at Bloomingdales today after work and it’s a great pop of color! Unfortunately they did not have anything in the croc red print available in store for me to compare. Boo!

Which color would you pick? Please chime in!